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Handsome Giants

Get ready to be blown away by New Zealand’s most exciting musical experience - The Handsome Giants. This unique power duo, blends old school Roots/Blues-music with electric  Rock'n'Roll, creating an intense, yet intimate show.

The band features Shayn ‘hurricane’ Wills (vocals, guitar, harmonica,) and Freddy Limbert  (vocals, drums;) some of the finest exponents of the blues in this country. Wanting a rawer  and more real sound, they developed their own musical style, based on Blues, R&B and  Rock’n’Roll, and put together a dynamite show to go with it. Because they draw from several  traditional musical genres, the Handsome Giants have something for all lovers of music, of  all ages. Fans of the sixties will recognize the power and energy; Blues enthusiasts will love  the intricacy, yet simplicity of the musicianship. Beyond genres, this music is about good  times - and having fun!

This is an organic show, evolving with every performance. The passion and vibrancy,  however, does not change. To watch the incredible Handsome Giants’ will change the way  you look at live music forever. No extravagancy, just raw, passionate musicians loving what  they do. Watch this show and be inspired!

Exciting things are ahead for this unique band. Critically acclaimed and with passion, the  Giants’ are opening eyes all over the country and abroad.

In short: Miss this, and miss out.


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